Global AML/CFT Conference
Virtual Conference

18 June 2021


Fighting money laundering and terrorist financing continue to be a high priority in international financial and economic policy.
The most prominent international body for combating money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing is the Financial Action Task Force – or FATF for short – established in 1989. The FATF sets international standards for the AML/CFT measures and, with its 37 member states, has a global network of partner organizations at its disposal.
FATF’s next official annual meeting will take place on 20-25 June 2021. One day before the Global AML/CFT Conference will focus on the most relevant questions that are being discussed at the moment.


Date | Time

18 June 2021 | 9.30 am – 4.00 pm (CET)

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Virtual Conference – Free of Charge


  • How to Effectively Fight Money Laundering on a Global Scale
  • KYC – Measures to enable Financial and Non-Financial Institutions to Identify their Costumer
  • Efforts of the European Commision: Action Plan for a Comprehensive Policy on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • Law Enforcement: Domestic and international Cooperation
  • The Fight against Money Laundering in Non-Financial Industries


  • Böse, Prof. Dr. Martin
    Böse, Prof. Dr. Martin Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure and International and European Criminal Law, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn
  • Brillaud, Laure
    Brillaud, Laure Senior Policy Officer, Transparency International EU
  • de Brouwer, Sébastien
    de Brouwer, Sébastien Chief Policy Officer, European Banking Federation, Brussels
  • Ekberg, Matthew
    Ekberg, Matthew Senior Policy Advisor, Regulatory Affairs, Institute of International Finance – IIF, Washingston D.C.
  • Giegold, MEP, Sven
    Giegold, MEP, Sven Group of the Greens/ European Free Alliance; Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), European Parliament, Brussels
  • Höche, Thorsten
    Höche, Thorsten Chief Legal Advisor, Association of German Banks, Berlin
  • Jour-Schroeder, Alexandra
    Jour-Schroeder, Alexandra Deputy Director-General, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission, Brussels
  • Link, Martina
    Link, Martina Vice-President, Bundeskriminalamt BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office), Wiesbaden
  • Maleki, Dr. Nader
    Maleki, Dr. Nader President, International Bankers Forum e.V., Frankfurt am Main
  • Pieth, Prof. Mark
    Pieth, Prof. Mark Chairman of Basel Institute on Governance
  • Pleyer, Dr. Marcus
    Pleyer, Dr. Marcus President, FATF – Financial Action Task Force, Paris
  • Pötzsch, Dr. Thorsten
    Pötzsch, Dr. Thorsten Chief Executive Director, Resolution Sector, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority – BaFin, Bonn
  • Schulte, Christof
    Schulte, Christof Head of Financial Intelligence Unit Germany, Cologne
  • van der Does de Willebois, Emile
    van der Does de Willebois, Emile Coordinator of the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative StAR – a joint initiative of World Bank and UNODC, Washington D.C.
  • Verbeek-Kusters, Hennie
    Verbeek-Kusters, Hennie Chair, Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units
  • Véron, Nicolas
    Véron, Nicolas Bruegel / Peterson Institute, Brussels / Washington D.C.
  • Walter, Tilo
    Walter, Tilo CEO & Founder, Palturai GmbH, Hofheim am Taunus
  • Waly, Ghada
    Waly, Ghada Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

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