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The virtual “European Payments Conference” will focus on key trends in the European Payments Landscape.” High-level experts from Central Banks, FinTechs, Politics and the Banking and Finance Industry will discuss different perspectives on the latest developments in European payments, most importantly the Retail Payments Strategy of the European Commission, the European Payments Initiative, TIPS, and the potential role of a digital euro in the payments landscape.
The European Payments Conference is organized by the International Bankers Forum e.V.


  • The Future of the European Payment
  • Sustainable Payment: The New ECO- and Purpose Driven Consumer
  • Omnichannel meets Payment: Phygital Journeys
  • Mobile Banking: Making life easy – Secure and convenient
  • Coopetition between FinTechs and Banks
  • Financial Services based on Blockchain
  • CBDC – The acceptance & Adoption challenge
  • “Request-to-Pay” – can a private platform solve the chicken-egg-problem?
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