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    Dr. Nader Maleki is CEO and chairman of the MALEKI CORPORATE GROUP GmbH. He is also President of the International Bankers Forum, the largest privately organized professional association for bankers and financial service providers in Germany, which counts around 1,000 institutional and personal members across Europe. In The Association for Iranian Banks in Europe (AIBE), which he initiated in 2017, he holds the position of Vice Chairman.

    The cornerstone of his wide experience was laid in the mid-1980s, when Dr. Nader Maleki initiated high-level and international congresses and events for business and finance. Many of the projects he initiated developed into established institutions in the financial center of Germany and are today among the most important events in the European financial industry.

    Born in Tehran in 1947, Dr. Nader Maleki studied Business Administration in Munich. After receiving his doctorate, he joined Deutsche Bank in Munich, and shortly thereafter moved to the bank’s Frankfurt headquarters. In 1987, Dr. Nader Maleki laid the foundation stone for his group of companies – with the approval of Deutsche Bank and his mentor Alfred Herrhausen he founded The Service for Banken GmbH, today’s MALEKI CORPORATE GROUP GmbH.

    Launched in 2017, MALEKI Service for Finance GmbH aims to locate and advise financial institutions in Germany. The MALEKI Academy, also founded in 2017, aims to promote practice-oriented management training by closely interlinking research and teaching.

    In recognition of his services to the Frankfurt am Main Financial Center and of his cultural engagement, Dr. Nader Maleki was granted the following awards:

    10/2002:  Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
                          (received from the Federal President Johannes Rau)
    11/2017:  Certificate of Honour of the Land of Hesse for his cultural engagement (received from the Hessian Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts Boris Rhein)
    12/2017:  Nomination as International Frankfurt Business Ambassador (received from the Department Head for Business, Sports, Security and Fire Department Markus Frank and the Chief Executive Officer of the Frankfurt Economic Development Oliver Schwebel)
    03/2018:  Plaque of Honour of the City of Frankfurt am Main (received from the Municipal Council of the City of Frankfurt am Main)
    04/2018:  Hessian Order of Merit (received from the President Minister of the Federal State of Hessen Volker Bouffier)

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