13th European SSM Round Table
»Competitive Business Models and Sustainable Finance«

21 May 2021


The European SSM Round Table has been established as a high-profile Round Table to exchange views and feedback between decision takers from the banks involved and representatives of the ECB, SSM, EBA, SRB, ESM and other European entities.
This time, top level experts from European entities and banks will discuss current issues on competitive business models and sustainable finance and present their views within the
framework of the 13th European SSM Round Table.
Selected speakers will give a deeper insight into their subjects and discuss the following topics:


Date | Time

Friday, 21 May 2021 | 10 AM – 4 PM CET

Conference Language



Virtual conference


  • »Banking as part of the EU New Green Deal«
    »Maintaining EU as the Global Leader in Sustainable Finance«
    »Investing in Banks under the EU New Green Deal«
    »Climate Change: Chance, Threat, Risk«
    »Innovation and Investments are Needed to Achieve Ambitious Climate Goals: What does it Mean for Local Governments and their Finances?«
  • »Upcoming Regulation of Non-Financial Aspects«
    »New Supervisory Priorities: Digitalisation, Climate Change and AML«
    »Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation: a Perspective
    on Systemic Risk and Resiliency«
  • »Efficient Supervision in Times of Transformation«
    »Embracing the Transformational Trends of Digitalisation and Sustainability – Bank in a Changing Environment«
    »Banking and Supervision: Following the Trends and Managing the Risks of Digitalisation and Climate Change«
    »Digitization and Coopetition Models in the Regulatory Sphere – the RegTech Factory as a Sustainable Utility for the Financial Economy«
  • »Optimized Credit Mangagement in Times of Covid-19«
    »Adapting to Change in the European Payment Landscape: Development of NPL’s and how Covid-19 has Impacted more than 10,000 Businesses in 29 European Countries«


  • Aho, Vesa
    Aho, Vesa Chief Financial Officer, OP Financial Group, Helsinki
  • Aranguren, Javier
    Aranguren, Javier Chief Investment Officer, Intrum, Madrid
  • Dr. Lehr, Carsten
    Dr. Lehr, Carsten Managing Director, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, Frankfurt am Main
  • Dr. Maleki, Nader
    Dr. Maleki, Nader President, International Bankers Forum e.V., Frankfurt am Main
  • Fischer, Florian
    Fischer, Florian Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Frankfurt am Main
  • Gerken, Wolfgang Johann
    Gerken, Wolfgang Johann Head of Prudential Regulatory Affairs, CRO function, SEB, Stockholm
  • Grasshoff, Gerold
    Grasshoff, Gerold Chief Executive Officer, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, Frankfurt am Main
  • Haben, Piers
    Haben, Piers Director of Banking Markets, Innovation and Consumers, European Banking Authority (EBA), Paris
  • Helenius, Jyri
    Helenius, Jyri Deputy Director General, FIN-FSA, Helsinki
  • Jerzembek, Lothar
    Jerzembek, Lothar Head of Regulatory Affairs, International Bankers Forum e.V., Frankfurt am Main
  • Kallio, Esa
    Kallio, Esa President and CEO, Municipality Finance, Helsinki
  • Koskinen, Jussi
    Koskinen, Jussi Chief Legal Officer and Member of the Group Leadership Team, Nordea, Helsinki
  • Lacaille, Richard
    Lacaille, Richard Senior Investment Advisor and Executive Vice President, State Street, London
  • Leslie, Anne
    Leslie, Anne Senior Managing Consultant SIOC, IBM, Paris
  • Nykänen, Marja
    Nykänen, Marja Deputy Governor, Bank of Finland, Helsinki
  • Piechocki, Dr. Maciej
    Piechocki, Dr. Maciej Member of the BearingPoint RegTech Management Board, Frankfurt am Main
  • Plenk, Moritz
    Plenk, Moritz Head of Managed Services, BearingPoint RegTech, Frankfurt am Main
  • Rehn, Dr. Olli
    Rehn, Dr. Olli Governor, Bank of Finland, Helsinki
  • Willumsen, Anette
    Willumsen, Anette Managing Director CMS Sales & Service Development, Intrum AB, Oslo
  • Wuermeling, Prof. Dr. Joachim
    Wuermeling, Prof. Dr. Joachim Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main

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